Regarding COVID-19:

I hope everyone is safe and in health. In regards to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide, we wanted to give some updates to our tours. We will still be hosting tours until there is an update from the Japanese government telling all businesses to be placed on hold until the outbreak is deemed safe.

Japan is currently not on any lockdown and travelers may come in and out unless specified by the Japanese government they will need to be quarentined. Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe. We wish to see you soon and join us for drinks.

- Alejandro


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Netflix's - Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

As I sit on my couch at midnight, I just finished watching Season 2 of Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories (in Japanese, known as Shinya Shyokudo). A Japanese show on Netflix about a small Izakaya owner known as "master" who makes different kinds of dishes upon customers' requests. But each dish has a story behind them, which creates a unique approach to the storytelling of the show.

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Okawari Bar Crawls takes Japan byFood's, Shizuka Anderson, bar hopping in Tokyo.

Shizuka Anderson with Okawari Bar Crawls


The trilingual bar hopping tour guide is something of a local celebrity; every few minutes, somebody recognizes him and calls out his name or claps him on the back. Having lived in Kichijoji for the past couple of years and gotten to know the owners and bartenders of some of the most eccentric and friendly bars in Tokyo, he’s the perfect tour guide to take you bar hopping in Tokyo’s most livable neighborhood, Kichijoji.



Google Reviews and Testimonials from previous Okawari Bar Crawls guests! ;)

  • Amazing time getting to go to authentic little bars that would be SO intimidating without Alejandro! He showed us the ropes, made us feel like locals, and we made so many new friends! Loved every minute and this was such a more affordable way to drink than just going to Golden Gai, highly recommend! How would you ever know what to order or do in a bar like the one pictured here?! You wouldn’t without Alejandro!
  • I booked Alejandro's bar tour last year during my first visit to Tokyo... and I must say, it was a lot more fun than I expected! He is a great tour and met a lot of very cool people in the group. He was totally chill considering I got a little lost on the way to the meeting spot but they waited (10 mins) for me, so awesome (thanks again guys!).We went to small tiny, but awesome spots, that I definitely would not have found if I wasn't on this tour. Everything was super cool, but the highlight ... Read More
  • The crawl was amazing! Alex was a great guide and a nice man, he knows the locals and the pub owners very well and he takes good care of the people he guides. I enjoyed the crawl so much that I even joined a second one :)Definitely should be in your bucket list if you look for a good bar crawl and meet new friends and locals :D
  • If you’re someone who likes a drink, likes local establishments and likes hanging out with great people, this is for you.Meeting up with strangers from all around the world to hang out and get your drink on is amazing. Especially since your guide Alejandro knows his stuff, you won’t get bored. You’ll get to drink all sorts of drinks you most likely would glance over (or wouldn’t be able to see since it’s all written in Japanese). You don’t need to be a heavy drinker to enjoy this, ... Read More
  • This was one of my favorite experiences from my trip in Japan! I highly recommend this for solo travelers. You’ll meet a lot of new people from all over the world who (as well as locals!) are all there to have a good time. In addition to trying different drinks, a few of us also tried whale tongue sashimi and horse salami. The bar crawl groups are not too large making it a really enjoyable experience. Would definitely do this again the next time I’m in Tokyo!