Local Tour Guide

Everything you need to know about local tour guide & Okawari Bar Crawls' trilingual founder - Alejando Castillo

The trilingual tour guide is something of a local celebrity; every few minutes, somebody recognizes him and calls out his name or claps him on the back. Having lived in Kichijoji for the past couple of years and gotten to know the owners and bartenders of some of the most eccentric and friendly bars in Tokyo, he’s the perfect tour guide to take you bar hopping in Tokyo’s most livable neighborhood, Kichijoji.

My Name is Alejandro. I'm originally from the Bay Area (San Jose!). I came to Japan in 2012 to study Japanese. I loved everything that Japan had to offered, so I knew I wanted to come back again soon. After graduating from Chico State, working at Google for a year, I decided to make my return to Japan in 2015 and haven't looked back.

I wanted to provide unforgettable local tour guide experiences that no other guidebook or website can tell you, so I made my own page called "Livguide". Our motto is “Come as a foreigner, leave as a local”. My passion is sharing through my bar hopping tours by locals.

I love to travel, meet new people, and find the best-hidden gems around the world. I have a lot of knowledge on Tokyo's nightlife as I run bar hopping tours. I've hosted over 1,000 guests in the year that I started my tours and everyone leaves with unforgettable memories. I also run my own Social media page for Japan nightlife as well.

I'm not difficult to talk to and pretty open to anything, just expect the unexpected when you hang out with me That means: we could be singing Karaoke all night, go to Tokyo biggest night club or get ramen at 5 am in the morning(literally one of the best food to have at that hour).

So come out and lets have some drinks! Kampai!